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Meet the ‘tiny bug slayer,’ an ancient relative of giant dinosaurs

A “tiny bug slayer” that only reached 4 inches in height was the ancestor of much larger dinosaurs and flying pterosaurs 237 million years ago, according to a new study. The diminutive fossil was found in Madagascar, where other intriguing fossils have helped researchers paint a picture of unique animals that lived millions of years…MORE

House panel takes steps to remove racist statues from US Capitol

The House Appropriations Committee is making moves to potentially remove the Confederate statues in the US Capitol. Tucked into the House Appropriations Committee legislative branch funding bill for next year, which funds House operations, is a directive for the Architect of the Capitol to remove statues or busts in the US Capitol that represent figures…MORE

Colin Kaepernick signs production deal with Disney

Colin Kaepernick signs production deal with Disney

Following the huge success of “The Last Dance” and renewed discussions about systemic racism in America, Disney is partnering with one of the most notable voices in the country: Colin Kaepernick. The company announced a production deal with the former NFL quarterback turned activist on Monday. The first project between the two will be a…MORE

Russian goalkeeper, 16, suffers severe burns after struck by lightning

The video is grainy, but with the help of a spotlight, the moment a Russian footballer is struck by a bolt of lightning is clearly visible. Znamya Truda goalkeeper Ivan Zakborovsky was training when lightning struck him on the pitch. While his teammates were training near the touchline, the 16-year-old keeper was about to kick…MORE

Egyptian American medical student freed from Egyptian prison after more than a year

Egyptian American medical student freed from Egyptian prison after more than a year

A 24-year-old Egyptian American has been released after spending more than a year in an Egyptian prison and has returned home to the United States. Mohamed Amashah was freed Sunday “after 486 days of arbitrary detention,” according to the Freedom Initiative, the human rights organization that advocated on his behalf. He landed back in the…MORE